Our Process

After contact is made with ArchDraught, we will get back to the client with the expected time frame that Phil would be able to meet with them.

A no-obligation meeting with Phil would then be made at a time that suits both parties.

With alterations, Phil will generally meet with clients on site for the first meeting. However, other arrangements can be made, depending on the situation.

Outline of the Stages that ArchDraught will work to:

Meeting & Sketch Plan/Preliminary Design
During the initial meeting ArchDraught gathers the information required to start the design process. Clients can expect several meetings to refine the design. This consultation is essential for ArchDraught to ensure a design fulfills the client’s needs and wants.

Clients are encouraged to take as much time as they need to consider and manipulate the design to fulfil their vision.

Developed Design
When the preliminary design is completed and confirmed by the client, ArchDraught will complete the Developed Design package. This includes a site plan, dimensioned floor plan, coloured floor plan and elevations.

ArchDraught knows it is important not to rush these stages. It is better to take longer and get it right, than rush and regret it later.

Pricing Plans
This stage allows ArchDraught to complete site, foundation, roof, drainage, bracing, elevations, cross sections, framing schedules and fixing details.

This documentation provides the basis to obtain builders’ estimates for the project.

Consent Documentation
The Building Consent is the foundation document for any building project. It entitles you to carry out building work in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted in your consent application and meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

In addition, ArchDraught also works with plumbing and drainage specialists, structural engineers and truss designers to gather relevant consent paperwork.

Because ArchDraught deals with consultants directly, there is no hassle for the client.

Draft Consent Documentation is sent to the client for confirmation and once any changes are made, ArchDraught lodges these documents with the council. ArchDraught maintains regular contact with council to ensure any issues are dealt with immediately. Councils often require clarification on aspects of the application and ArchDraught oversees this.

Our Process